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Welcome to Danish Ship Decor. Come aboard our unique world of magic and illusion

At Danish Ship Decor our goal is to make the interior decorator’s vision come true. Using our specialized techniques in graphic design and digital printing we are able to recreate any thinkable atmophere or scenery for your restaurant, lounge, cabins, reception or lobby.

Whether you desire a French country setting around your breakfast buffet, childrens’ play areas from a fairytale castle, a sci-fi themed piano bar – or a complete replica of a famous 17th century Italian café – we have the skills and experience to implement those visions.

At Danish Ship Decor we work only with materials that comply with the highest safety standards for off-shore installations. All our products are IMO-certified. And we have an acute understanding of the crucial need for delivery on time. We are pleased to invite you for a tour of our magic world of digital design and decor.